Vietnam Tech Society Letter to Members June 2020

Henry Le
1 min readJul 1, 2020

Hello members of Vietnam Tech Society (VTS), I would like to share with you what we did during the month of June 2020, and what we have for you next month.

June 2020 Success stories

  1. Our interview with Tiep Vu Huu — MLE Google, Founder MLCB has 156 claps on medium, 88 shares and 1.3k likes on Forum MLCB — Read here
  2. Dream It, Build It #6: Linh Dao Smooke — Co-founder and COO HackerNoon — 1k views — Watch here
  3. Road To Software Engineer#1: Kayla Nguyen & David Vu — 3.4k views — Watch here
  4. Software Engineer Office hour Kayla Nguyen, David Vu, and Hieu Anh Trinh
  5. Partnered with Facebook Developer Circle in Hanoi for future event

Next month plan

  1. Dream It, Build It #7: Son Nguyen — Senior SDE Apptio, co-Founder at Printopus.
  2. Road To Business Intelligence Engineer — Jade Nguyen and Hien Le
  3. Dream It, Build It #8: Tien Nguyen — Chief Engineer NASA

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On behalf of our team, we are grateful for your support and thank you for being our valued member.



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